Benstonium’s “Breaking .500” Pirates Pump-Up Video

It's really gonna happen, people. Our Pirates are only a handful of wins from breaking .500 on the season with still an entire month left to play. While this can be seen as the absolute baseline for cheering mediocrity, this is a huge moment in Pittsburgh baseball. This franchise has had 20 straight seasons finishing under .500…a professional sports record…and one that seems destined to fall within the coming days.

And with this inevitable passing of the 81-win mark, the postseson and all its stress and glory is that much closer. .500 is the first summit on the way to the mountaintop.

So thanks to my bud Benson for putting this incredible Breaking Bad-themed pump-up video together for these Buccos as they blow past history like they wer on meth or something.

While I'm more of a comedy-and-animation type guy who likes to rag on all the Breaking Bad fanboys and their loooove of the show, I'd be insane to discount the great actor Bryan Cranston and what he adds to both that show and this video. It's almost like he's talking right to you, my dear long-suffering Pirates fan bretheren.

Watch, enjoy, gets chills and most importantly, cheer these Buccos in their Breaking .500 and push to October.

Video below:

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