Benstonium’s ‘It’s A Hockey Night In Pittsburgh’ Poster Is Great

And no, it definitely isn't Hockey Time in Pittsburgh (9th piece of merch)

When I lived in PA, it was south of the city, so I'd routinely use the Liberty Tubes or West End Bridge when gettin' home or to route 51. Used to love the last view of downtown from the West End.

Only now I live in New York City. And while I appreciate the 3 rivers all frozen and ready for giant-hockey, my current city was wrecked by Cloverfield and now I can only imagine him getting outta NYC after surviving that bomb spoiler alert and then heading west to bodycheck Godzilla or the Power Rangers Megazord into the Mount Washington incline while hustling for that puck when it skirts up the Mon River.

You can check it out at Benstonium's Facebook page, or full-sized here. Then go buy it poster-sized as well.

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