China Jack’s 2013 Pens 1st Round Playoffs Toast

THE PLAYOFFS ARE HERE! And just like at the start of this shortened season, I saw it fit to seek out my good friend China Jack again so his good luck can envelop these Penguins as they take a shot at Lord Stanley. Here was Jack's season opening toast, you can find out his backstory and info there if you're new to the experience. Jack's toasts help the Pens win a Cup in 2009, so it was only right he should help us out again as the team looks to get back to the dance.

So enough of my words. Below are Jack's, along with audio of his entire toast. Jack was a bit upset that there are a couple of digital skips in the file, as if that makes any difference on our end. It can be a pain to get any media files from China. We're just happy he's back and ready for the Pens to dominate.


Jack’s Toast to the Pens

My friends:

With only a few games left in the season I thought it as good a time as any to once again lift a glass with my all my favorite Yinzers out there.

It’s China Jack coming to you again from China where the beer still isn’t as cheap as the Flyer’s hits.

With Shero wheeling and dealing at the trade deadline the Penguins proved to be the place to be as they signed Morrow and nabbed Iginla from under the Bruins noses. This depth has gone a long way as the, forgive me, “March of the Penguins” made short order of their opponents allowing the Penguins to clinch the conference.

It is now time for the Penguins to maintain their intensity as they once again try to hoist Lord Stanley. If they can keep playing at this high of intensity when Crosby, Orpik, and others return to the line we will hopefully be calling them “Emperor Penguins” as they reign supreme over the rest of the NHL.

So let us lift our Iron Cities, our Qingdao beer, and toast the Penguins to help them on their way through the playoffs.

Let’s go Pens! Cheers!




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