China Jack’s 2013 Pens 2nd Round Playoffs Toast

Despite the moans and groans when the Pens and Isles were tied at 2 games apiece, Pittsburgh pulled through with back-to-back wins and a ticket to the 2013 NHL Playoffs 2nd Round.

So you better believe I got my old friend China Jack back on the horn to properly toast the passing of Round 1 as we look for positivity in Round 2. The Senators are a different monster than the Islanders, so we thank Jack for lending his calming voice for another round.

His audio is towards the bottom of this post.


My friends,

After 6 intense games, our Penguins have dispatched the Islanders through determination and will. The young team from New York proved their surprise playoff spot was not a mistake, as they hung around and created many problems for Pittsburgh. The experience of the Pens won out, with 2 shutouts and 2 overtime wins between goalies Fleury and Vokoun.

With the win, the ghosts of David Volek in 1993 have been exorcised and banished to hell. And the Pens move on.

Waiting are the Ottawa Senators, the next team to feel the crush of the Pens. Matt Cooke and the Pens gave the Senators reason to hire a forensics doctor team with an accidental skate to the achilles earlier this season, this time the Pens will help Ottawa conduct a team autopsy after a thorough series thrashing.

So raise your glasses, or bottles, or shots, as we toast the success of Round 1 and look for more in Round 2.

Cheers, to the Penguins! Lets Go Pens!




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