China Jack’s 2013 Pens 3rd Round Playoffs Toast


My goal in bringing back my good friend China Jack this season was to mooch off the good vibes Jack brought around last Cup run. And since we don't trot Jack out every season, bringing him back aboard at the beginning of this shortened season was a definite message…the Pens are going for it this year. And this was months before Ray Shero made the exact same statement, getting Iggy, Morrow, Murray and Jussi J to figuratively and literally state it's Cup or bust.

So here the Pens have made it to the final two in the East, and Jack's been right all along to this point.

I'll shut up now and let you get to Jack's remembering of the Senators, and toast for the Bruins series and future.

Mind the 2 or 3 small audio skips…Jack was apologetic about that again, like we care.


My friends,

We cheer another victory for Pittsburgh, as the "March of the Pens" moves on without Morgan Freeman explaining everything.

Ottawa surprised Montreal in Round 1 but were left shaking their heads after being demolished by the Penguins. They could not match up against the skill of the Penguins, who abused the Senators and goalie Craig Anderson in 5 games. Fresh off the kill, the Penguins now have the Boston Bruins up next.

The Penguins are taking more shots than Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan put together. That has caused the offense to erupt, something the Bruins must take notice of or else they will face the same fate as the Senators and Islanders. Jarome Iginla and the Pens will be looking to score as old friend and Bruins Plan B, Jaromir Jagr, comes home to try and win for the other black and gold. The Pens must create new history as they banish the old. Only the home black and gold must prevail.

So as we lift our glasses, remind yourself of all the good the Pens have accomplished so far, the teams that lie in our wake and the task at hand in the Eastern Conference Final!

Cheers, to the Penguins. Lets Go Pens!




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