Douchebag Anti-Penguins Fans Tip Well But Are Still Douchebags

An interesting little side note to the Penguins Game 3 loss in Ottawa last night that has hardly anything to personally do with the cities of Pittsburgh or Ottawa, the Penguins or Senators teams, or even simple rationality and math skills.

Via my bud Sean Leahy comes a story of a waitress in North Carolina and a rogue anti-Penguins fan (we'll explain) who gave a nice tip. The guy sat alone watching Pens-Sens Game 3, and passed along a very generous tip to the waitress for having to wait out (pun not intended) the four-hour two overtime Pens loss. We were apologizing to our waitresses at Foley's in NYC last night as well so I feel the love being shown.

Only then the guy decided to describe himself as a man who takes pleasure in Pittsburgh's demise, while also referencing the Chive's fratty, bro-centric KCCO, misspelling the word "forward" and failing math by adding $19.77 to $50.33 and coming up with $70.00 instead of $70.10. There's also a possible "Senattors" spelling in there. Basically the one thing this guy is good at is tipping at a bar, and even then don't ask him to correctly add it to his bill.

The only thing missing is spelling the city as "Pittsburg."

Now, I know Sean as a friend and a fellow Pens fan, writing a story such as this had to pull at some strong mental strings. In the headline he refers to the customer as a "Hockey Fan," while forwarding the waitress' description of the tipper as "born in Ohio and raised to dislike all things Pittsburgh." Like, how do you reconcile those two aspects while trying to describe the fan himself? Ohio guy in North Carolina who is a Senators fan just for this seriesPenguins hater? Grouch? Idiot who doesn't realize cheering for your own team is way more fun?

Oh wait Columbus isn't still playing and the Senators are down 2-1.

Go Pens.


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