Former Steeler Mitch Berger Found Love On Millionaire Matchmaker

God I hate that something called Millionaire Matchmaker even exists, and some former fill-in Steelers punter was on it.

Mitch Berger, who stepped into the Steelers punting duties multiple times when Dan Sepulveda couldn't, won a championship with the team against the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. I guess that and a career that started in the mid-90s got him to millionaire status. Or at least "rich enough to appear on some harpy's lovematch reality show."

Berger retired in 2009, and complained of being too much of a party boy who coldn't find a wife among the college kids at the bars. Stunning, right? So he got hooked up with some bikini model because when I think wife material, I think bikini model. And yes, I may be co-opting 15-year-old-me's brain there.

It apparently worked. Berger proposed before Christmas, and the couple is planning a July wedding.

Willie Colon was just cut by the Steelers. He is asking Millionaire Matchmaker to set him up with a sandwich.

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