I have no clue about the origins of this picture but it's new to me. usbzoso sent it to me. He got it from our mutual friend Mattie, who saw it on this Facebook page.

Why is it so awesome? Well aside from the fact that our Evgeni Malkin is holding a ton of great birds? Ok. I was never an outspoken bird fan, I'm more of the small/fluffy animal fan, apparent in this blog's name and content. Dogs, goats…you name it I love it. But the weekend before last Memorial Day, usbzoso and I scoped out Coney Island since we are annual beach/ocean/diving bums and the beach opens the following weekend. While there I saw a mini pony. And then usbzoso got a sun conure at the Coney Island flea market. AND NAMED IT GENO.

Since I was there, I am Geno the bird's Godfather.

Here's a picture of Geno the bird with a tiny Pens logo in the background so you know it's legit:

That's the long story. Short story is GENO TOOK A PICTURE WITH GENO BIRDS. Just trust me when I say something rules.

Go birds. Go Pens.

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