Gerrit Cole Stopped By Foley’s, Our NYC Penguins Bar

This is the best.

Awesome Pirates rookie pitcher Gerrit Cole just happened to stop by Foley's NY Pub last night. If you think you've heard of Foley's before, it's because I talk about it nonstop…what with it being the local Penguins bar/group here in New York City that I've helped organize for the past five seasons. It is a baseball bar to start, and we helped transform it into Pittsburgh hockey heaven. I consider the strip of 33rd St. between Foley's and the Empire State Building "Little Pittsburgh," as we flooded the street following the 09 Cup as if it was Carson St. in the South Side.

Shaun, the owner and my good friend, does an incredible job not only providing great events like the recent MLB All-Star Game party with the Baseball Prospectus guys or guest bartenders like legendary Tommy John, he also makes sure to litter the walls with stunning sports paraphernelia and autographed baseballs. Like, an innumerable amount of baseballs, by an assortment of athletes and celebrities that you cannot even fathom without checking it out for yourself.

Here's a few I grabbed over my years there, all Pens-related since that was the sport being watched:

1st Pens captain Ab McDonald. Like, who has that?


Rob Scuderi, now back with the Pens adsgjkhsjkdg

I saw a Jerome Bettis one at some point. And there's gotta be other Pirates somewhere. I have dozens of pics of signed pucks as well. Some day I'll have to document everything Pittsburgh in that place.

And now Pirates phenom Gerrit Cole is included among the greats adorning the walls of Foley's. I couldn't be prouder.

Go Buccos.

PS awesome Panerai watch, Gerrit.

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