Get Ready For A Timely Penguins Harlem Shake Video

Trends and Internet viral sensations are fickle. One minute you're planking and the next day that's old news and you're already sitting like an owl or Tim Tebow or any other random thing that one person laughed at on a message board.

Take the "Harlem Shake" of literally three months ago:

Now at the time, it was annoying, and then the Penguins were even represented in a hockey version due to a crease scrum with the Flyers. And that was on the tail end of the meme. I mean look at that downward trend. And now at a Pens rally tomorrow, oddly for the 2nd Round, one lucky Pens rug-cutter will star in a Penguins Harlem Shake video.

We're at the point where that link I'm referencing and this PSAMP post and then the actual video will quite honestly be the first people discussing a horrible old trend in forever in Internet time.

Go Pens.

via Sideshow Raheem

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