Irish Emigrants Are Steelers Fans

Thanks to my sister for this. Currently, she's probably over the Atlantic en route home to NYC from Ireland where she spent the past couple of days DJ-ing. And since St. Patty's was yesterday and we had a topically-festive mini pony this morning, we'll keep this potato-train a-rollin'. She says:

steelers representing in Ireland

I got that message late this morning, so she sent it from whatever-time-of-day it is at Dublin Airport when it is about 10ish AM on the East Coast. And being the good former Pittsburgher and sister of a Pittsburgh sports blogger that she is, it was probably captured and sent to my inbox without a second thought. Pittsburgh expatriates get a certain rush seeing the Black and Gold in the wild.

Hannah I'll send you this link after you land I don't know what the wifi situation is on cross-Atlantic flights and I haven't been on a plane in like 6 years.

Here we go Steelers.

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