Isles Fans Can’t Even Insult Sidney Crosby Correctly

Big brouhaha since Pens-Isles Game 4. The game where Sid, early in his 3rd game back from jaw surgery, took a puck to the throat just under his fishbowl jaw protector. Isles fans not only cheered the injury in unison, a bad enough showing, they used "Princess Crosby" chants which tend to incite calls of sexism because haha you're calling him a woman which is lesser than a man.

Barstool Sports got on Sporting News writer Jesse Spector's case, since Spector called out the Isles fans and Barstool responded with typical bravado. "You called a man a woman and also insulted an injury" vs. "MAN UP THIS IS HOW THINGS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN," with just a touch of that Philly anti-Sid irrationality in the latter camp. You know, where apparently Sid is a flopper when Nabby is jumping around like a pogo stick and only an Islander has been called for diving this series.

Anyway, I'm not here to sway you to either side. I'm an admitted Sid fan, and you're reading these words on a Pittsburgh sports humor website. You know my side. I'm just here to point out how crappy Isles fans are at their insults. Forget the women-bashing and injury-cheering, I'm concerned about that sign up top.

Printhess Cindy? I mean this is a great double-up, you can somehow allude to breaking your jaw as a sissy move while also making fun of a lisp created by 100+MPH of vulcanized rubber. Now, we've made fun of Bryan Murray's lisp before so that's all fair game, but what about the dedication? Why is only the first s-sound lisped into the -th? Shouldn't it be Printheth Cindy? Or better yet, Printheth Thindy. It's concerning when idiot Isles fans half-ass their shoddy insults.

Penth in Thixth thith Thaturday.

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