Now Justin Bieber is Trying to Infect the Pirates. Dang It.

We've caught that little tool Justin Bieber wearing Steelers hats twice, both in early 2012 (1, 2). Since that time, the Steelers have gone a combined 12-14…8-8 in 2012 and 4-6 to this point in the 2013 season. I blame him entirely for the mediocrity.

Big things happened this past fall with the Pittsburgh Pirates ending a streak of 20 consecutive losing seasons, making the playoffs in the process. And last week, center fielder Andrew McCutchen was rewarded for his personal play by becoming the first NL MVP on the team since Barry Bonds in '92.

Clint Hurdle snagged NL Manager of the Year also, big name free agents are finally gonna start looking at Pittsburgh and, well…you get what I mean about the positive upswing.

Back to Justin Bieber. Above is that very tool wearing a Pirates hat, and haven't we as Pirates fans suffered enough? The team just had its first winning season in this kid's lifetime and he's gonna go right ahead and try to jinx everything. The Steelers having gone 12-14 since the Bieber hat incidents comes out to about a .461 win percentage. Extrapolate that out to a 162-game season and the Pirates are right back to 75 wins and yet another sub-.500 year. I can't take that anymore.

We must burn Justin Bieber in effigy to please the baseball gods.

Pic via a celebrity trash blog I don't link to for reasons.

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