Mini Pony of the Day 3-13-13

Kind of a backwards day, today. We took a look at Mike Lange earlier this morning, and rested on our 6 year old laurels before murking through reality tv. Now here comes Mini Pony of the Day as the sun looks to set, rather than already there in the A.M. making you smile. You can flip the script on your anniversary. You're only 6 once.

And with all that, I also threw today's mini pony on BuzzFeed, and I'll use that page for any beyond-special links or even non-mini pony submissions you guys have. Thanks to Dawn for sending it over originally. And this isn't some passing thanks, the video is one of my absolute favorites in the history of PSAMP. 6 years is 2192 days and we get you a mini pony each weekday morning, so you can see where this ranks.

Video below:

Thanks again for all the love these 6 years.

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