Mini Pony of the Day 3-20-13


OK so this video came out a good couple of weeks ago now, but it's one of those things that everyone is gonna see and love. And with my status as LORD OF ALL MINI PONIES AND ALSO GRAND GALACTIC INQUISITOR, everyone who saw it had to send it to me. Submissions are always appreciated, and are the lifeblood of the Mini Pony of the Day feature.

So thanks to everyone who sent this over. A tally of just about everyone here:

smrtmnky, via primanirules and popbytes, BigBurgher, Tony, Jason, Gheorghe, Jessica, TDS, Carly, Scottro, Dawn, Steve via Lisa, Dan, Sideshow Raheem, walterflanagan, my bud Cotter, Anna, Will, meatpark, Aaron, Ethan, I think at least one of my sisters and anyone else in the ether.

I know I missed people for sure. Hell, I forget to credit people when two of you send the same thing. What I'm saying is thanks as always for thinking of PSAMP.

Video here:

GIF 1:

GIF 2:

GIF 3:

I listened to Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" on repeat while typing this post asdsdadsfgadgdasg.

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