Mini Pony of the Day 3-27-13

Thanks to Mike for this, and only a week or so after one of the other very few instances of "PITTSBURGH SPORTS AND MINI PONIES" in one picture. Mike says:

Pet Superstar Contest in the McKeesport Daily News

As someone who was born in Christy Park, Versailles-ish and with my folks being from across the river at Little Boston and Greenock, the Daily News was a daily part of existence when I was still a PA habitant. And now that I'm no longer in-state they start including unreal mini ponies in Steelers scarves. Oh, and jaunty hats. Never forget the jaunty hats.

Go vote for this awesome little guy. Pet superstar? Should be PET NORSE GOD, or PET GRAND GALACTIC INQUISITOR.

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