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I love Mila Kunis even though she's dating a Bears fan.

40-23 Bears.

The Steelers kicked a FG to bring the score to a mere four-point deficit four minutes into the 4th quarter. It was 27-23, with all momentum with the Black and Gold. On a 3rd-and-10, Jay Cutler ran for 13 yards and a 1st down. Much will be made about Cutler lowering his shoulder for a hit rather than sliding, but that stupid move didn't swing momentum back to Chicago. It was the fact that Cutler even had 13 yards of space. With any normal defensive pressure, Cutler is stopped short and the Bears would've had to punt. Cutler converted another two 3rd downs and the Bears came away with seven points and an insurmountable lead.

Ben: Yes, Ben had a pick-6, several fumbles and struggled with location early. But he still had 406 yards passing and 2 incredible TD throws. All this while constantly being hit after releasing the ball, or scrambling for his life. And most of his good work came after taking a helmet directly to the throwing hand, drawing blood. I'm having a real hard time accurately summing up Ben's game with this helmet rating system, as he was a double-edged sword all night. 2.5 of 5 motorcycle helmets. Split right down the middle and move on.

AB: 196 yards receiving and two FILTHY TD grabs for Antonio Brown. The first was incredible enough, grabbing a long pass over the DB's outstretched hands. The second was the stuff of legends…tipping a ball back into his hands and somehow getting both feet down before flying out the back of the end zone with possession. He routinely came up with large catches that ate up tons of field, helping his team move the ball quickly when they needed to overcome an enormous deficit. He nearly brought the team all the way back, too. 5 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Defense: Man they really started doing work in the middle quarters of the game. Until the Bears TD drive that put Chicago up 34-23, Cutler had something like 93 yards passing and Matt Forte was bottled up aside from one long run. Only this was after giving up early points to Chicago, so an uphill battle made the struggle too little, too late. Ike Taylor was beaten for a long pass to Brandon Marshall on the TD drive that changed the game, and as mentioned above, Cutler had all the space in the world to flee. My biggest complaint is that there might've been 5-6 more sacks on Cutler, had Steelers not prevented other Steelers from getting to the QB with misplayed pressure. Woodley had at least two sacks taken away by Timmons and Ziggy Hood running into his pursuit. 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets. Three games…still no turnovers. At least Troy Polamalu looks like young Troy Polamalu again.

Suisham: The guy has been money. 3 of 3 motorcycle helmets.

I don't even want to get into the Felix Jones fumble to start the 2nd half. All three games so far, the Steelers have shot themselves in the foot with critical turnovers on drives that could change the game.

The Steelers travel to LONDON ENGLAND to play the Vikings next week. Yeah, pretty bloody limey. Win that game against the also-winless Vikes, practice bums off over the bye week and prepare for nothing but Steelers wins the rest of the way. It's the only way I can imagine not going insane.

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