Penguins Replica Stanley Cup Rings Are Awful

These images come from an eBay listing noticed by Rich and they are truly something to behold.

First things first…the full-sized version of the eBay page is here. Maximize that to not only get a glimpse of the Pittsburgh PenQuins, but also that one of three rings were sold prior to the sale completing. Demand is there.

But back to the rings. Here's what Sidney Crosby's 2009 behemoth Stanley Cup ring looks like:

You see how the skating anthropomorphic penguin looks like a skating anthropomorphic penguin? The replica-makers would be wise to try and emulate that rather than splashing what appears to be a pewter amoeba on top. Here's a closeup of the replica for fun:

I think you're starting to get my gist.

And frankly, until I zoomed and cropped that image, I had no idea the replicas included the background Stanley Cup. But it's there. I think.

On to the sides:

Again, let's get a bit of a larger view of this monstrosity:

That…doesn't say CAPS, and you cannot convince me otherwise. And we should take note of the Pens seemingly losing to the Flyers 4-7 in an 11 game series. But at least the Pens exacted revenge on the Flaming Spaghetti-O's from the season prior to win the '09 Cup.


This may be the most accurate part of the replica and I am being overly generous here. The '91 and '92 numbers on the left and right Cups have vanished, and the Cups themselves are much worse than the aluminum foil Lord Stanleys your drunk uncle routinely demands to bring to games.

You have 23 bucks to spend…spend it wisely, Pens fans.

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