Pens Fans Suck At Betting

Look, I don't bet. The closest I get is throwing a few bucks in the slots with my mom because she enjoys like 30 minutes of slots and then leaves the casino. Or I used to play poker with friends once a week back in the day. But straight-up betting…I'd be horrible at it.

I say this because I'm the guy that picks the hometown Pitt Panthers in the NCAA bracket every year.

Via Reddit comes the following two betting stubbs from suckers who wanted the Pens to go all the way. Neither are too awful, given how dominant the Pens played at times, but looking at failed stubs is like when you scratch off a lottery ticket and get two "thousand dollar a week for life" symbols and cannot get that last one. So close.

The top stub comes from beginning of May, where you were only winning 60 bucks on your $20 bet dependent on the Pens success.

This one is from back in March, and reflects the Pens' season-opening Stanley Cup favorites line of +600 (which they shared with the Rangers). 60 bucks in, $420 paid out for a win of $360 had the Pens gone on to win.

Only they didn't, and the best these bettors got are bad-beat stubs to post on Reddit, a Pens loss and more than likely a reactionary jab at Bylsma.

Never bet on your own team. Unless it's Pitt in the tourney.

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