Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In Hollywood

We now have legit lists of all(~ish) PSAMP posts that feature Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Music and in Hip Hop. It was only fair to go back through my archives and see where Steelers, Pirates and Penguins merchandise pops up in Hollywood, or if some celeb is caught talking about one of our local teams. Full list below.

Chronological from the bottom up:

South Park producer Frank C. Agnone II

Maggie Gyllenahgakedadga in some movie

Katt Williams

Pornstar Bibi Jones

Ralph Kiner's 1950s Wheaties commercial

George Clooney's hot ex-gf Elisabetta Canalis

Joe Manganiello

South Park

One of the Twilight guys 2

Hot Emma Watson

UFC's Phil Davis

Ralph Macchio fan

Jim Carrey

Amber Rose

Kim Kardashian's butt fan

AMAZING Steelers fan on 60 Minutes

Steelers fan on Conan

Some Russell Crowe movie

Ghost Penguins fan on Ghost Adventures tv show

One of the Twilight guys 1

Gary Coleman's ex father-in-law (yep)

Max Talbot's 3rd A&L commercial

Jake Gyllenhalafjas

Max Talbot's 1st 2 A&L commercials

Fox NFL Pregame's Jimmy Johnson

Tito Ortiz

Danny Bonaduce fans

Barack Obama (misc)

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