Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In Music

So I needed a place to keep a running list of all the musicians wearing or holding or singing about Pittsburgh sports things published on PSAMP. I already keep a list of PSAMP posts featuring Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Hip Hop. I'm titling this one Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Music not to exclude hip hop from the "music" genre, just this list has a cornucopia of types of music and I'm not creating a specific Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Crap Music post just to house the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga links. Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Boy Bands? Get real.

Chronological from the bottom up:

Supreme Cuts music video dancer

Justin Bieber 3

Dreads from 'N  Sync

Christina Aguilera again

Faith No More's Jim Martin again

Christina Aguilera

A Jason Worilds Steelers jersey at Lollapalooza

Aaron Carter

Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin

Fred Durst/Limp Bizkit 2

Justin Bieber 2

Justin Bieber 1

Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies

Fred Durst/Limp Bizkit 1

One of the Backstreet Boys

Will Smith's son

Good Charlotte


Lady Gaga

Bret Michaels

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