Sid Bream Hates Sidney Crosby

First off…I COMPLETELY APOLOGIZE for posting an image of the harshest moment in semi-recent Pirates memory. It hurt me just uploading it to my site as much as it likely pains you to see it again.

Now on to more important findings. Deadspin has compiled a list of random and unique responses that fans have gotten from athletes. Some expectant-father Braves fan received an autographed photo of that NLCS play at the plate with the following inscription:

Mike, Congradulations [sic] for the new baby that is coming. Can I tell you that Sidney would be a good name for a girl, but don't name your boy that. I was not too fond of my name.

Since Bream's slide started a Pirates spiral in 1992, the name had to be among the lowest in local baby-naming lists for many a year following. In fact, it took 13 years for Sidney Crosby to be drafted to the Steel City, ending a mostly-negative connotation with that first name. And it took 17 years for a Pittsburgh championship with a Sid on roster to finally wipe away all those bad feelings.

And now we find that former-Pirate Bream hates the first name Sidney.

What is the saying…anything you say on the Internet remains forever? Well, anything you write on random glossy 8X10's has the same staying power. You better believe we'll take this as some sort of diss on a then-five-year-old Crosby. Basically, Sid Bream is every Flyers fan who yells out CINDY CRYSBY. Because Sidney is a girl's name and LOL Pittsburgh has a famous guy with that name.

And Sidney Poitier says GO PENS.

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