Someone Please Date This Awesome Russian Steelers Fan

Russia. Where to begin?

The former Soviet country is known for being…weird. I use the term "weird" and am not nearly the first to label it as such. The Huffington Post uses a Weird Russia article tag for such occurances. The website Weird Things itself has a Russia tag because they deserve every bit of coverage of their weirdness. And BuzzFeed more or less compiled all the weird Russian pictures you need to see to understand the label.

Russia…it's pretty weird.

But I gotta point out the above weird picture courtesy of my own sane-by-comparison Russian friend usbzoso. The pic comes from this collection of unusual Russian dating site pictures. usbzoso says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAH check out one of the guys wearing Steelers jersey … clearly winner!

Oh he totalls wins. Especially if he's gotten a date based on his suave picture.

My only concern is which Steelers player he was repping in this getup. We can see the number 85, and the presence of the team-edited Steelmark logo on the upper left chest means this jersey is from 2000 at the earliest:

The possible players are:

David Johnson (current, 09-13)

Nate Washington (05-08)

Jay Riemersma (03-04)

John Allred (02)

Cory Geason (00-01)

I'm gonna say this is a Nate Washington jersey based on his being the most high-profile name of the bunch, although I guess it could be a DJ jersey if DJ has some sort of current Russian influence that I'm unaware of. Nate left the team for the money the Titans were offering in 2009, so maybe this guy is just telling his potential suitors that he's a hard working over-achiever who may not be totally stable now, but is expecting some cash money in the near future. And then he'll buy you all the wall-carpets your heart desires.

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