Terrible Towels Have Nipples In Them

Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley tweeted the above picture today, of some dedicated Steelers fan who loves the team so much he inked the alternate black Terrible Towel onto his chest.

A fan tweeted this @ me and it was too cool not 2 share with yall!!!

I've never been a big fan of the black Terrible Towel. I've used the same gold one for years, and Heinz Field is known for the gold Towels flying. The black just reeks of when a ton of NFL teams decided to ditch the colors and go with all-black uniforms to look harder and copy the Steelers.

Plus, black Terrible Towels apparently have nipples in them.

Where does this rank in the pantheon of Steelers tattoos? My list of best to worst, below:

Keisel, Tomlin, Polamalu, Harrison sleeve tattoo

Keisel tattoo before the others were added

Steelers logo head tattoo

Annoyingly confusing Steelers Super Bowls back tattoo


This awful Steelers logo tattoo on Judge Joe Brown

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