Terry Bradshaw Is Doing Vegas

THANKFULLY, the only topless aspect of this act will be the top of Terry's head. Bald joke.

Via my buds at Awful Announcing comes word that former Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw will be gracing the glitzy Vegas stages with a one-man show. Listen to this:

a 70 minute show of comedy, storytelling and singing, starring one of the country's best loved football announcers, sports legends and performers…

… accompanied by his singer/dancers the I-Qties, Terry shares stories about growing up in Louisiana, his 4 Super bowl rings, 3 marriages, toupee model days, his cattle ranch fiasco, and his broadcasting and acting careers divided in "four quarters". Sprinkled throughout the show are short video clips of the funniest moments of his life, plus a few surprise guests.

Because when I think Vegas, I think Terry Bradshaw. You just watch next football season in the Fox pregame…he's probably just going there to get makeup tips from Celine Dion and Wayne Newton. You can do that on the Internet and not have to make a whole Vegas show, Terry.

As long as Terry busts out the Hank Sr., his show will be a hit among the next round of senior slots suckers.

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