The Dreads-Dude From ‘N Sync Wearing Braces and a Steelers Visor

Thanks to Amanda for these. Because you know for a fact I had nothing to do with finding anything relating to 'N Sync. I sourced the crap outta Wikipedia for the following info.

Yesterday, news came out that 'N Sync would be reuniting for the first time in 10 years at this coming weekend's MTV VMAs. And now is where cooler bloggers would say "MTV PLAYS VIDEOS STILL?!" Or something along those lines. But I run a sports blog that fantasizes about mini ponies and now I'm writing about 'N Sync so I cannot claim to be a cool blogger. I truly need to find more members of Faith No More in Black and Gold in order to feel better about myself.

Anyway, here's Clarion, PA's Chris Kirkpatrick in his late-'90's glory, complete with the dreadlocks and braces and a Steelers visor. I had no idea these things existed outside NFL sidelines on the heads of certain assistants and coordinators.

Quite honestly…those are hats with the tops cut off. Which may be more '90s than Chris Kirkpatrick from 'N Sync wearing braces and multi-color dreadlocks.

It seems like every time we put someone cool on our Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Music list, we follow up with utter junk. If we're gonna feature someone with awful dreads, it may as well be the guy from Counting Crows. At least that guy made it with most of the female cast of Friends.

And now the Backstreet Boys have company on PSAMP.

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