The Pirates are a Valid Doctors Excuse in School

The Pittsburgh Pirates play Game 2 of the NLDS agains the St. Louis Cardinals at 1:07 PM today, Friday.

Mrs. U's class will have one less kid in it come 12:55 PM, as the child has come down with a case of "Bucco Fever" and MUST see "Dr. McCutchen" immediately. We as a populace must treat Bucco Fever vigorously, lest fans start dropping dead of success while the opposite had been the case for 20 years. This is a tricky disease, that Bucco Fever.

Now, the game is in St. Louis, but the Pirates are hosting a watch party at PNC Park on a big screen inside the stadium, so a 12:55 excuse for a game starting only 12 minutes later would mean the kid must be at a VERY local elementary school if he and his dad are watching there. Or they could just be watching at home…I just wanted an excuse to post that Google Map screengrab since I already had it ready.

Now that I think about it…maybe the kid and his family are Pittsburgh expatriates in St. Louis and going to the game there. In which case, I don't think Mrs. U is gonna accept this doctors excuse. Mrs. U sucks in this case.

Go Buccos. And help Braden's affliction, please!

Hat tip to FTW.

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