The Pirates Drafted Austin Meadows, An Arrested Development-Style Model Home Company

In the currently-still-ongoing MLB Draft, our Pittsburgh Pirates used their 9th overall pick to grab OF Austin Meadows.

Now…you know PSAMP as a place of absurdity or weirdness, not really stats and analysis. And the first thing that went through my head when I heard the pick was that Austin's name sounded like a park in Texas, or an assisted living facility, or a doomed housing community not unlike Arrested Development's "Sudden Valley."

So I went to Google Maps and went to work, aka typed in Austin Meadows and lo and behold there was 1 result. An AUSTIN MEADOWS MODEL HOME COMPANY IN OLATHE, KANSAS!

Now, I know the Bluths would never travel further inland than Reno, so a fraudulent Bluth company in Olathe would have to be a huge mistake. And they want us to believe this company is now a top-tier MLB OF draftee.

Good thing the Pirates also have a pick at number 14 because they blue themselves at number 9.

Go Buccos.

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