The Steelers Acquiring Levi Brown Wasn’t the Worst Player Addition in the AFC North

Levi Brown was acquired by the Steelers over their bye week to shore up the LT position notoriously muffed by Mike Adams. Adams was not available to play in the ensuing game against the Jets…where LEVI BROWN INJURED HIS TRICEPS DURING WARMUPS. The Steelers noted that Brown is now gone for the rest of the season.

Levi Brown's tenure as a Steeler was so short that I cannot find a single picture of him in Steelers gear online. It's all Cardinals stuff. I used a picture of him at Penn State above because at least that's Pennsylvania.

The draft pick the Steelers sent to Arizona for Brown was conditional…meaning Brown had to play five games as a Steeler for the Cardinals to gain anything. And Arizona had eaten most of Brown's salary just to get him off the team, so a monumentally-silly Steelers employment doesn't seem too bad in retrospect aside from the not-getting-a-player thing.

And to make our grief juust a bit smaller, the Cleveland Browns decided to chip in and acquire a guy with a blown-out ACL. QB Brian Hoyer went down with a knee himself, and Cleveland needed to fill a roster spot. So they snagged Charles Johnson, a practice squad guy from Green Bay…and taking a practice squad guy comes with the caveat of accepting the player as-is before the team can conduct a physical. And as a practice squad-er, Johnson must remain on the team through the end of October, so congrats on your mangled new toy, Cleveland.

Yes, the Steelers winning while 2/3rd's of the rest of the AFC North lost this past weekend was a good bit of positivity for an 0-4 team. The Browns providing incredibly stupid team moves that are way worse than anything the Steelers pulled just makes it feel like that old dynamic is finally back.

Here we go.

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