The Steelers Were a Pawn in the Browns’ Faux-tivation

Yesterday, Deadspin brought us the story of the Cleveland Browns using fake, misattributed or just completely bastardized quotes as team motivation throughout the halls of their training facility. And in this tough 2013 season which sees the Steelers sitting at a poor 2-5, we'll take every advantage to rag on any other AFC North bottom-feeder…Browns included.

Here's the actual quote from that Steelers-featured image at the top of this post:

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.

Not too bad, considering some of the other offerings on Deadspin. I mean, at least Cleveland got the author of this quote correct and merely changed some words around to fit. It isn't like the one attributed to Thomas Jefferson…that originally came from a Reader's Digest article not about Thomas Jefferson.

If you're gonna use some snazzy quotes to pump up your team, please leave the Steelers out of the backing image. The team has nothing to do with Cleveland's poor understanding of literature and quotations.

Or, you know what? The Browns and Steelers have both crapped out five losses so far in 2013, so maybe fake quotes are the way to properly motivate. Or at least it would get the Steelers as far as they've gotten to this point. With the Patriots on tap for Pittsburgh, the Steelers should "JUST WIN, BABY!" I think Aristotle said that.

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