This Artist Pretty Much Got Steelers-Giants and Chargers-Steelers Right

Deadspin brings us this awesome blog where Pixar animator Austin Madison sketched previews for certain NFL games all season. Our Steelers were featured twice, first for Steelers-Giants.

In that game, the refs helped New York to an early lead, only for the Steelers to come back for a late 4-point win. The Giants had -9 yards of offense in the 4th Quarter. And then there was Ryan Clark drilling Victor Cruz in the ribs, drawing a penalty for a knockout shot to the head. So Austin's physical and metaphorical headshots both happened in-game.

And then there was the debacle of a loss to the Chargers a few weeks later. The Chargers swarmed early and the Steelers never came back from the halftime deficit. Lookit Austin's preview:

I feel bad that the imaginary Steeler is gonna lose out to those evil plugs. And I'm also still bitter at that Steelers loss 2 months later.

Full-size of Steelers-Giants here. Chargers-Steelers here. Austin's series of 2012 NFL 'Fantasy Football' collection here.

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