This is Probably the Worst Evgeni Malkin Sweater

Big thanks to my bud Lowell for sending this over. He caught it at CONSOL Energy Center during Islanders-Penguins two weeks ago when Sidney Crosby notched his 250th career goal. And since the Pens play the Isles in Hempstead tonight, we might as well relive this horror.

From Lowell:

I don't even know where to begin with this maybe Gabe's had a sale

I'm having trouble finding a place to start as well. Somehow, an entire number got left off the back of this sweater. I thought maybe this was just a horrible Mullen/Malkin mixup considering Joey's wearing of said number 7, but this is clearly a current-generation Reebok EDGE sweater whereas the American Mullen wore CCM sweaters in Pittsburgh. I guess it could also be a Malkin/Martin mixup since Paul wears the number now. Who knows?

So I'm just gonna quote The Venture Bros. instead:

Henchman 21: Hank you should totally grow one of those! You look like Green Arrow. Or like the "Mirror, Mirror" version of Hank.

Hank Venture: Yeah, Evil Hank.

Henchman 21: Yeah, Evil Hank, completely.

This sweater was obviously for Evil Geno. Makes more sense now.

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