This ‘South Park’ Producer Loves The Steelers And Primanti’s And Obscure Penguins

Meet Frank C. Agnone II, Supervising Producer for South Park. He's been a producer for as long as the show has been on-air, 16 glorious seasons. He has no Wikipedia page, which is staggering. But his IMDb page shows he's originially from San Diego.

And yes that is an authentic Primanti Brothers t-shirt as well as a framed Mean Joe Greene Steelers jersey. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the other framed jersey on our left Frank's right is also Pittsburgh-related. Call it a Black and Gold hunch.

There's also a solid chance the autographed Starter hockey sweater is a Kings Ziggy Palffy #33. Guess who also wore #33 with the Pens, albeit briefly:

I went to watch the 15th season last night, and decided to check out the 6 Days to Air: The Making of 'South Park' mini-documentary that came with the 2nd-most-recent-season. It shows the creative window and how fitting an entire 30-minute-episode's process in such a cramped timeframe brings out the best and worst in Matt Stone and Trey Parker and the rest of the squad. But the headaches create amazing television.

The above screengrab comes near the end of the 45-ish minute documentary. There's only like a day or 2 left before the episode airs and the guys are still way behind. Only Agnone pops up with all this Pittsburgh stuff randomly and then the episode gets done and the brilliance of HUMANCENTiPAD is the end result. We'll partially credit Pittsburgh sports.

That also means Agnone has seen the show parody locals like LaMarr Woodley and Ben Roethlisberger. Or watched Stephen Sondheim become a fellow Steelers fan. That's called letting a Pittsburgh sports fan just go and be super-producer…

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