Wiz Khalifa Is Sammy Khalifa

Thanks to Bob for this.

Earlier today, I reminisced about when the Pirates were bad before they were good before they were bad for 20 years. In doing so, I found a few baseball cards at my apartment, consisting of pitcher Bob Walk, young outfielder Barry Bonds and infielder Sammy Khalifa. Topps '87 with the brown border. The Buccos were 64-98 in 1986, 80-82 in 1987.

And the combination of the three Pirates cards was a real "one of these things is not like the other" deal. You got longtime broadcaster Walk, the infamous Bonds, and the lesser-known Khalifa.

And then Bob photoshopped it to include a more well known Pittsburgh Khalifa.

The newsgathering practices at PSAMP are cutting edge.

Go Buccos.

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