Better Pittsburgh Pirates Food Hats

Yesterday, I brought to your attention the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs' new bacon-themed hats and one blog's quest to create food hats for every team in Major League Baseball. It was truly a wonderous endeavor, and nearly every team was adequately represented with some sort of market-specific foodstuffs. For those of us from Pittsburgh, the pierogi placement for the Pirates was pretty perfect considering PNC Park holds between-innings races featuring the stuffed dumplings.

But is that all we're known for in Pittsburgh? The Steel City has a vast history of food and drink, providing the local and national population with all sorts of sustenance. And while I would gladly wear a Pirates pierogi hat, there's an incredible number of food items that would look great on a Pirates hat. Some of these are from just outside the city limits, others have gone on to be acquired by larger national brands and still others might only be recognized by born-and-bred 'Burghers.

So let's do this. After the jump, I've given you previews of just how a ton of local Pittsburgh food and drink would look on a Pirates hat. I would wear every one of these hats. And then I would probably eat the hat, because get real.

We'll start with a Pittsburgh staple, and the one at the top of this post. A Primanti Brothers sandwich!

And you better wash down your sandwich with a cold Turner's Iced Tea.

Clark Bar.

Heinz Ketchup, of course.

Iron City Beer is about as Pittsburgh as it gets.

Wholey's fish. Imagine this one with little LED lights! Yesssss.

A huge stack of fries from Oakland's Original Hot Dog Shop looks stellar on a Pirates hat.

Lemon Blennd.

You better believe the Big Mac came from the mind of a Pittsburgh McDonald's franchisee. Now wear it next to your mind.

Mmmmm, Eat'n Park smiley cookies…

Or a nice cold Klondike Bar. Breyers thanks Pittsburgh for this treat.

Sarris Candies.

And maybe my favorite alternative Pirates food hat. Isaly's Chipped Ham. Would wear. And eat.


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