I Would Wear a Pirates Pierogies Hat

[i didn't make that typo from the source link, but i sure corrected it]

Yesterday, there were a few apparel-related stories that I wanted to write about, and had to pick which I wanted to put out earlier than the other. Marc-Andre Fleury's Stadium Series Steelers-inspired mask shot out into the ether and went everywhere. You couldn't miss it…just about every major and minor outlet covered its awesomeness. Waiting to publish my own Chidi Iwuoma version a day later would've been silly, so I expedited that post and went on with my day.

For today, I saved this. The blog Crawfish Boxes noticed the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs' new bacon hats, and decided to make a food hat version for every Major League team.

For our Pirates, they decided on Pierogi hats, and it's hard not to want one IMMEDIATELY. I mean how else are you gonna cheer for both the baseball team AND Jalapeño Hannah or Sauerkraut Saul between innings?

Other acceptable Pirates food hats include:

Primanti's sandwich hats.

The Original Hot Dog Shop fry pile hats.

Clark Bar hats.

Isaly's Chipped Ham hats.

But yeah, I'll take a Pirates Pierogies hat any day of the week.

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