Kris Letang Can Buy 3,742 Honda Fits Over The Next Eight Years

There's an old saying among the car crowds…"Only smart people drive Hondas." The combination of relatively-inexpensive MSRP, fantastic gas mileage and parts that refuse to give out makes the company a true diamond in the rough. While some prefer to pay for the prestige of a luxury name on their automobiles, and in turn pay ridiculous amounts when said luxury parts fail, Honda owners drive by laughing while getting 35+ miles per ~$4 gallon.

Needless to say, my family and I have driven an astounding number of Hondas over the years. Because get real.

My old maroon '92 Accord, like this one here, lasted over 250,000 miles before I moved to New York City and we sold that car. And while I appreciate the convenience of an expansive subway and public transit system in this city, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss putting around Pennsylvania in Hondas.

I can trace my family's love of Hondas to the early-mid '70's when my mom got a first generation Civic…with the motorcycle company being new to the Americas and automobile game. But personally, the third-generation hatchback Civics are what made their mark on me, with my dad owning several. He was my youth baseball coach, and we drove so many miles to games in those hatchbacks listening to like Erasure or Pseudo Echo tapes.

In fact, my folks still have several Hondas…a mid-2000s Accord and similarly-aged Honda Fit. They've had a variety of Civics and Accords, one Odyssey…I mean you Honda name it and we've Honda driven it.

Which is all well and good, but back to our original point here, the picture at the top of this post. It comes via Laynie, and shows a smart Honda Fit owner with a Kris Letang license plate. And as long as we're circling back, the standard base MSRP for 2013 Fit is around $15,500.00, before adding in optional packages and whatnot. According to Google at least:

Kris Letang's new eight year contract that kicks in at the start of the 2014-15 season is valued at $58 million. Hence, if Tanger wanted to only spend money on cars, he could buy a fleet of 3,742 Honda Fits over the life of his contract extension.

And to round out this post, next time anyone questions Tanger's on-ice IQ, just remind them of this picture, post and that "Only smart people drive Hondas" quote. You gotta imagine only super-smart people drive 3,000+ Hondas.

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