Penguins Hat and Coat in a Supreme Cuts Music Video

Thanks to Catlin for this. A while back, Catlin had sent us the ultimate hipster, some paunchy white guy at Lollapalooza in a Jason Worilds jersey a month or so before his breakout 2013 season. What does Catlin have for us today?

Chicago house music representing da guins –

In today's Mini Pony of the Day, I hinted at a new major PSAMP redesign happening which was cause for the slow posting schedule here recently. But what also must be included is the ongoing Olympic coverage that has interrupted Pens season, plus football and hockey being on hiatus gives us this current hellscape that lacks Black and Gold news coverage. So at least some Chicago-based electronic production group named Supreme Cuts had the gall to pump up the Pens in their latest music video.

Why the gall? Well once the NHL kicks back into swing, our Pens play the Chicago Blackhawks outdoors in the Windy City. We know where Supreme Cuts stands on this matchup.

You can catch the video at the source link.

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