This is the Creepiest Thing Involving a Pirates Hat

This comes from Anna, originally from this Twitter account. It's one of those Twitter accounts that posts photos all day and has a stupid amount of followers. I deal with these all the time…once those accounts tweet out pictures of mini ponies or anything small and cute, I get sent the pics from readers. In a venn diagram of PSAMP and those insanely-popular photo Twitters, the readers who hook me up are that skinny slice in the middle.

Only this particular account doesn't deal in super-adorable animals or wtf facts…it instead shot out a highly disturbing supermarket ad for Queen's Price Chopper. In it, some meat-fiend in a Pirates hat asks customers to comes to his meat-palace in the most hush-hush of ways. I don't know if you become the meat after his interaction with you is over or what, so go with him at your own risk.

I checked…Queen's Price Chopper exists around the Kansas City area. So an unfortunate side effect of the newfound success of the Pirates is that bandwagon meat-creeps get in on the Buccos hat action.

Oh, and Bree asked me to sub in Jeff Karstens instead, so here's that if you want the creep factor increased exponentially:


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