Classic Mini Pony of the Day 4-16-08

(originally published on 4-16-07)

This MPotD loves to play so much. Dude keeps running around his pen, or as the Youtube post puts it, the mini pony is at liberty (whatever that means).

I know there was a shortage of posts today, but I’m kinda saving up for tomorrow. It may not mean much to you, the reader, but PSaMP is hitting a personal milestone. The first post of the day tomorrow will officially be PSaMP’s 100th post! Look for some more great domination, as PSaMP crosses the century threshold, and gets ready for the next 100. Hold on to your hats (or if you’re not wearing a hat, hold some piece of clothing that can easily be blown off in a light breeze), because PSaMP is ready for the next 100!

(Editor’s note: One year later, and I’m closer to 1,000 posts. Crap.)

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