Mini Pony of the Day 10-1-08

Its been awhile since there was a video up for the MPotD, so let’s change that right now.

I know you’ve had to have seen pictures or videos of kids riding mini ponies and thought, “Gee, I wonder if the mini pony is cool with that!” Here’s you’re answer.

Mini pony is NOT cool with that.

Ride a bucking mini pony after you read these links:

Jeez, Cotter. Take a break. [One For The Other Thumb]

Check out the weird arena that the Pens will be playing in in Sweden this weekend. [The Pensblog]

The Bengals signed Cedric Benson. Of course they did. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Can we trust Al Davis? First, he says Lane Kiffin is a flat-out liar. Now, he says the patriots tampered with Randy Moss before acquiring him. [Fanhouse]

Speak of Al, here’s his many faces. [The World of Issac]

Ten ways to upgrade football. [Epic Carnival]