Mini Pony of the Day 10-23-08

Each one of these little girls are cooler than me. Why, because each one has a mini horse in tow.

I especially like the one in the visor.

I think this parade was staged just to get recognized as MPotD. Whatever, it worked.

Either that, or they were just celebrating the following links:

Getting inside the head of a Steelers fans who writes about the Giants for the NY Times. [One For The Other Thumb]

If I had $80k, I’d totally buy [Steady Burn]

It’s almost Pitt basketball time. [Pitt Blather]

An interview with SI Extra Mustard’s Jimmy Traina. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

A video of NBA stars when they were kids. Awesome. [NESW Sports]

Mark Prior in a pumpkin patch. Of course. [Planet Padres]

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