Mini Pony of the Day 12-3-08

Whoever owns that hand…rules.

Fences, walls and the like should never keep you from feeding or petting a mini pony. EVER. This person totally knows that.

They also know that you must read these links:

More Pens Photoshops than you can imagine. [Puck Huffers]

The Cowboys. [OFTOT]

My buddy Adam, a Chiefs fan, chronicled his experience of walking through Oakland’s Black Hole for Fox. [Fox Sports]

Ricky Henderson is up for the HoF. So here’s 25 ridiculous Ricky stories. [100% Injury Rate]

40 hot chicks over 40. I’d put Heather Locklear waaaay higher. [Gunaxin]

Take this Pittsburgh sports trivia challenge. I killed it, so don’t look at my answers. [Sean’s Ramblings]

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