Mini Pony of the Day 12-5-08

Canada rules?

Big ups to the crew at 660 AM in Pittsburgh. We had a nice, on-air chat from about 7:45 to 8 this morning, talking all about some of the biggest sports happenings in the city. If you’re a listener, welcome, and I’m glad we got to meet each other (you meeting my voice, that is).

If you’re new, I shoot out a Mini Pony of the Day every morning of the workweek, accompanied by a few links. Stay tuned for the most badass local sports coverage throughout the day as well.

Onto the links:

There’s like 1,000 people in this week’s MPIE. [OFTOT]

Cowboys-Steelers is more than a game. [Moondog Sports]

Steve Mariucci interrupted Favre. Awesome. [NESW Sports]

Big win for the Pens last night. [The Pensblog]

Safeco Field now has a new neighbor…a strip club! [Lion in Oil]

Yep, Sean Avery is even MORE of a dick. [With Leather]

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