Mini Pony of the Day 7-7-08

Dog is lucky that fence is there, or else little horse would wreck house.

Honestly, look at the awkward death-stare between the two beasts. Who is going to win this staring contest?

Whichever animal wins, they get to read the following links:

The Marlins’ Scott Olsen is magical. [Lion in Oil]

A cumulative look at Pittsburgh’s free agency moves. [The Pensblog]

What of Anthony Smith? [One For The Other Thumb]

Jose Reyes hates Keith Hernandez’s moustache. In this case, moustache = critiques. [Awful Announcing]

Andruw Jones sucks now, and the Dodgers might try for Jack Wilson. [Larry Brown Sports]

Going Five Hole loves the Matt Cooke signing (me too!) so much that he’s started a Cooke-y Monster Facebook group. Join it. [Cooke-y Monster Facebook Group from G5H]