Mini Pony of the Day 8-8-08

Solid black and white! This logo (?) comes from Southern Star Minis. It’s amazing the different mini horse websites one comes across after starting their own mini horse blog.

If you aren’t starting a mini horse website, read these links:

HHR gives AFC North training camp postcards. The Ravens one is hilarious! [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Speaking of training camp, remember to come out and meet me and Cotter this Sunday. Shoot me an email if you plan on going to camp. [PSaMP]

Brett Favre has doubts about the Jets. Great. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Classy tribute to Skip Caray. [Awful Announcing]

Guaranthony Smith clobbered Hines Ward in non-contact drills earlier this week. I haven’t used the word “clobbered” in a minute. I shall use it more often now. [The Black and Gold Blog]

Send your Pirates tattoos to Big League Stew. [Big League Stew]