Mini Pony of the Day 10-1-09

I don’t know who Flynn is, but I like his style.

Also, thanks for all the submissions for the mini pony/COC sticker/magnet contest. I got some winners right off the bat. I’ll be featuring those mini pony submissions starting next week, and I’ll throw in some of the losers’ submissions as well. Yes, you are losers because you didn’t win. Don’t get mad at me for calling it as it is. Jerks.

I can’t stand Philip Rivers. [OFTOT]

Pensblog’s East preview. [The Pensblog]

Stephon Marbury attacks an Internet nerd. [NESW Sports]

Steelers are wearing the throwbacks this weekend. [Steelers Depot]

Joe Mauer tips pitches. [The World of Isaac]

Defending Ben Gordon’s value to the Bulls. [Not Qualified To Comment]

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