Mini Pony of the Day 10-12-09

So we still have another 2-3 days of honorable mention ponies from the COC magnet/bumper sticker contest. This one comes from Julie, and while not a real, live horse, is definitely a miniature pony. It comes from an eBay listing.

In an unrelated note, I didn’t realize that I had no work today for Columbus Day until about 8 AM this morning. The MMCNY Steelers/Lions notes will be up in a few hours.

Cotter’s first thoughts after the win. [OFTOT]

Ape shares his thoughts. [DC Steeler Nation]

From the Detroit side: Fellow Bloguiner D4L finds 5 teams worse than the Lions. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

From the Detroit side II: Fellow Bloguiner TWFE. [The Wayne Fontes Experience]

Miles Austin had himself a game for the Cowboys. [NESW Sports]

Tony and TO’s couples retreat. [The Best View]

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