Mini Pony of the Day 10-9-09

Here’s another honorable mention submission from the COC magnet/bumper sticker contest. This comes from AxsDeny, and shows Rob and Big from MTv fame. I was a massive fan of this show, and they introduced the little horse prior to the 2nd season. Actually, the 2nd season started only 3 or 4 months after I began PSAMP. So, they stole my love for cool little horses.

The Lions. [OFTOT]

The Pens won. [The Pensblog]

Week 5 fantasy football roundup. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Twins/Tigers was more important than Conan O’Brien. [NESW Sports]

An 81-year old borrowed a catheter 21 miles into a marathon and finished. [The World of Isaac]

Six degrees of being part of a championship. [Major League Jerk]

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