Mini Pony of the Day 2-27-09

Are we serious? People actually take pictures like this? I mean, I know that I run a blog partly devoted to the little creatures, but I’d like to believe I’m pretty far from taking K-Mart glamour shots with a mini horse.

I would take a picture with any of these links, though:

Jeff Saturday…not coming to Pittsburgh. [OFTOT]

Dodgers signed Doug Mientkiewicz…now they have THAT much more of a chance at getting to the World Series than the Buccos. [WHYGAVS?]

NFL salary cap status. [The World Accodring to Moondog]

Nightmare fuel. That’s all you need to know. [Total Pro Sports]

Who is Chris Kunitz and what does he do? [The Pensblog]

Kevin Blackistone talks with RCS. [Real Clear Sports]

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